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Facts and views on migration and mobility

The nccr – on the move is the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) for migration and mobility studies, which has been operational since June 2014. The center aims to enhance the understanding of contemporary migration patterns and to establish an innovative and competitive field of research on migration and mobility in Switzerland.

Our blog will provide the latest knowledge on migration and mobility issues as well as views and opinions on these issues. In addition, the blog provides a platform for reacting to topical issues. The authors are NCCR members and external personalities from academia, state institutions, civil society and the economy.

Feedback is important for any work, and especially for scientific work on issues pertaining to migration and mobility with their strong impact on the economy and society. The nccr – on the move blog allows for receiving direct responses through its commenting functionality.

The nccr – on the move blog is published in four languages with blog posts published in English, French, German or Italian.

Terms of use

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