Author: Margarite Helena Zoeteweij

Warning: Contains Traces of Gender-Discrimination

16.12.2016 , in ((Politics)) , ((No Comments))

The issue of whether EU (labor) migration law respects the principle of gender equality as it is supposed to is so far understudied. This attempt of exposing some gender-related flaws in the EU migration law shortly discusses the gender-neutrality of the EU Blue Card Directive and the Seasonal Workers Directive as two examples of EU migration law. And, it is used as evidence that the EU asylum and migration law does indeed contain traces of gender-discrimination. ...

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The EU-Turkey Deal on Refugees: “No Big Deal”?

28.04.2016 , in ((Politics)) , ((No Comments))

On 4 April 2016, a group of around 197 migrants and refugees was returned to Turkey as part of the “EU-Turkey deal on refugees”. A second group was returned four days later. The legal basis for these returns is a ‘deal’ between the European Council and its Turkish counterpart – and not the EU-Turkey readmission agreement, though both serve to send irregular migrants back to Turkey. What is the difference between them, and what is the ‘big deal’ actually all about? ...

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Expulsion, Readmission Agreements and ‘Non-Refoulement’

07.04.2016 , in ((What do we mean by…)) , ((1 Comment))

Return, readmission, expulsion… these notions are often used in the same context, lately also when referring to the EU/Turkey deal that has attracted the (well-deserved) attention of the media. But what do we mean with ‘readmission’, and why could it be problematic from the point of view of international human rights and refugee law? ...

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