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Carcerazione amministrativa

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Solitamente, le persone recluse in carcere hanno commesso un crimine o un delitto (pena detentiva) o sono sospettate di averlo commesso (carcere preventivo). Eppure, nelle carceri svizzere si trovano centinaia di persone private della libertà per motivi amministrativi legati esclusivamente alla loro condizione di stranieri. Che cos’è la carcerazione amministrativa? Quando può essere ordinata nei confronti di un migrante? Quali sono le condizioni di detenzione vigenti in Svizzera in materia di carcere amministrativo? ...

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Regularization Measures

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Regularization measures are legal tools that provide undocumented migrants with a way out from their irregular status. They may differ widely – in name, content, effects, effectiveness – but they all lay bare the gaps of one country' s official immigration policy. This is why they are amongst the most controversial of all the schemes that States have devised to manage undocumented immigration. ...

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The Sans-Papiers

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Shakespeare would say that a rose would still smell like a rose, no matter how we name it – because the very essence of things and people does not depend on their names but rather on their inner qualities. And yet, at least in this case, Shakespeare would be very wrong. In this case it is the way people are named that creates the way people are – or at least the way they are perceived – and it can have very long lasting and relevant effects on their lives and on their futures. ...

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Vorläufig aufgenommene AusländerInnen (Aufenthaltsstatus F)

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Aktuell wird über den Aufenthaltstatus der vorläufigen Aufnahme sowohl auf medialer wie auch politischer Ebene diskutiert. Heutzutage verfügen mehr als 30’000 Personen über eine vorläufige Aufnahme. Was bedeutet vorläufige Aufnahme genau? Welche Rechte und Pflichten beinhaltet er und wo liegen die Schwierigkeiten und Herausforderungen dieses Aufenthaltsstatus? ...

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