Freizügigkeit für Flüchtlinge in Europa – Neustart in der EU-Flüchtlingspolitik

19.05.2017 , in ((«Good Practices»)) , ((Keine Kommentare))

Im seinem Jahresgutachten 2017 unterbreitet der deutsche Sachverständigenrat für Integration und Migration Vorschläge, die für eine Weiterentwicklung der EU-Flüchtlingspolitik plädieren. Darin wird ein Stufenmodell vorgestellt, das anerkannten Flüchtlingen EU-weite Freizügigkeitsrechte garantieren soll – ein Baustein in der fairen Teilung der Verantwortung in der EU. Ebenso spielt die Integration von Flüchtlingen eine wichtige Rolle, insbesondere ein schneller Zugang zu Bildung und flexible Ausbildungsmodelle. ...

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Back to the Future: Trump’s Executive Orders on Migration and Refugees

05.05.2017 , in ((Politik)) , ((Keine Kommentare))

The United States has a long history of excluding foreigners on the basis of race and religion, and Americans always have been profoundly ambivalent about immigration. At times they have been comfortable with diversity and confident in their ability to assimilate newcomers, while at other times they have worried about national unity and frightened of foreigners almost to the point of paranoia. ...

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“I Want My Entry Tickets Back!”

28.04.2017 , in ((Politik)) , ((Keine Kommentare))

The Swiss experience is very instructive for the role of the free movement of persons in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. It is much easier to grasp the importance of migration in these negotiations if the control over somebody’s migration is understood as a valuable right. Brexit is the attempt to take back these rights from the European citizens without any compensation in turn. Most probably, that will not work out. ...

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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data – An Uncharted Territory for Migration Studies?

11.04.2017 , in ((Politik)) , ((2 Kommentare))

The technological advances in machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence – for a long time confined to the realm of science fiction – are increasingly entering our daily lives. By scientifically predicting future migration patterns, changing the underlying economics of migration, facilitating legal procedures, and upgrading risk profiling and border protection, they are also highly relevant to the field of migration and mobility. ...

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