L’exercice de l’activité de péripatéticienne ≠ une communauté conjugale ?

19.12.2016 , in ((«Good Practices», Erfahrung, Politik)) , ((Keine Kommentare))

Le Tribunal administratif fédéral a admis un recours déposé contre une décision de refus par l’ancien Office fédéral des migrations d’octroyer la naturalisation facilitée à une ressortissante française exerçant l’activité de péripatéticienne. L’ancien Office fédéral des migrations a qualifié d’incompatible l’exercice de cette profession avec l’obligation de fidélité inhérente à l’existence d’une communauté conjugale, condition pour l’octroi de la naturalisation facilitée. ...

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Warning: Contains Traces of Gender-Discrimination

16.12.2016 , in ((Politik)) , ((Keine Kommentare))

The issue of whether EU (labor) migration law respects the principle of gender equality as it is supposed to is so far understudied. This attempt of exposing some gender-related flaws in the EU migration law shortly discusses the gender-neutrality of the EU Blue Card Directive and the Seasonal Workers Directive as two examples of EU migration law. And, it is used as evidence that the EU asylum and migration law does indeed contain traces of gender-discrimination. ...

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Nation of Brothers with Late Arriving Sisters

05.12.2016 , in ((Politik)) , ((Keine Kommentare))

Switzerland introduced women’s suffrage at the federal level through a popular vote on 7 February 1971. To most readers this will seem very recent indeed. Yet at the cantonal level it was only in 1990 that the last canton also introduced women’s suffrage. Overall, it took 142 years before every political body at the federal and cantonal levels recognized the right of women to vote and the right to be elected. ...

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