In the Aftermath of US Presidential Elections

09.12.2016 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

Recently we witnessed the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America. Given that he has no prior political experience, his election was for a long time considered unthinkable. And since he built his election campaign on xenophobic, racist and sexist language, many dreaded such an outcome. Immediately, questions were also raised about what Trump’s election means for international relations and whether it will boost other populist movements worldwide. ...

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The Future Muslim Population of Switzerland

20.06.2016 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

According to a popular belief, the number of Muslims living in Switzerland has strongly increased in the last years. Some populist groups even produced graphs predicting one million Muslims in a near future – as did the Egerkingen committee just before the popular vote on mass immigration in February 2014. Others extrapolated even further and went so far as to forecast a future Muslim majority. ...

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Nomen est Omen: Diskriminierung auf dem Arbeitsmarkt

22.03.2016 , in ((Experiences)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

Ungefähr ein Viertel der in der Schweiz lebenden Bevölkerung ist im Ausland geboren. Zählt man hierzu nun noch die Kinder von Einwanderinnen und Einwanderern, die in der Schweiz geboren aber nicht eingebürgert sind, beträgt der Anteil der Personen mit ausländischem Hintergrund, die keinen Schweizer Pass besitzen, fast ein Drittel. Sie alle sehen sich im Alltag mit verschiedensten Problemen konfrontiert. ...

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