Une islamisation de la Suisse avec l’arrivée des réfugié·e·s ?

05.09.2017 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

Dans le débat public, il est commun d’entendre que le nombre de musulman·e·s vivant en Suisse augmente fortement avec l’arrivée des réfugié·e·s. Dans les faits, ce discours surestime considérablement la proportion de musulman·e·s parmi les requérant·e·s d’asile, la part de l’asile par rapport à l’immigration totale et la proportion de musulman·e·s dans la population. ...

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Taxing Immigrants Is Likely to Deter Them: Some Data

06.01.2017 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

In Switzerland, there is currently a discussion on taxing immigrants (well make them pay a fee, not really a tax: “Zuwandererabgabe”) as a means to reduce/regulate immigration. The intuition is straightforward: immigrants cause costs to the country of destination (infrastructure, environment), and we can recover at least some of the expenses from them. ...

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The Future Muslim Population of Switzerland

20.06.2016 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

According to a popular belief, the number of Muslims living in Switzerland has strongly increased in the last years. Some populist groups even produced graphs predicting one million Muslims in a near future – as did the Egerkingen committee just before the popular vote on mass immigration in February 2014. Others extrapolated even further and went so far as to forecast a future Muslim majority. ...

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