Taxing Immigrants Is Likely to Deter Them: Some Data

06.01.2017 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

In Switzerland, there is currently a discussion on taxing immigrants (well make them pay a fee, not really a tax: “Zuwandererabgabe”) as a means to reduce/regulate immigration. The intuition is straightforward: immigrants cause costs to the country of destination (infrastructure, environment), and we can recover at least some of the expenses from them. ...

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The Future Muslim Population of Switzerland

20.06.2016 , in ((Politique)) , ((Pas des commentaires))

According to a popular belief, the number of Muslims living in Switzerland has strongly increased in the last years. Some populist groups even produced graphs predicting one million Muslims in a near future – as did the Egerkingen committee just before the popular vote on mass immigration in February 2014. Others extrapolated even further and went so far as to forecast a future Muslim majority. ...

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